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Automation Testing Framework

Automation Testing Frameworks Interview Questions:

(Article written by M.Vilson, [email protected])

For writing automated tests, most automation tools require the tester understanding of script language (VB Script, Java Script, etc.). Typically, the tools allow the creation of tests and by recording and playback, but as a rule, such scripts are not very effective, cannot be reused and heavy to be supported. Automated testing framework – a set of conditions, concepts and practices aimed at the reuse, reduce support costs and increase reliability of the tests.

Anatomy of a Successful automation testing framework

When you are designing the framework, look for the following functions, as they can greatly improve it and reduce the risk of failure of the automation:
If your testers are not experts and script languages, think about how to replace the scripts of tests based on keyword (keyword-driven). This approach allows the tester to create automated tests and cautious in describing each step of the test.

For example, you automate the process of authorization, where the user must run the application, enter your username and password, and then press enter.

Traditionally, testers would write VB script that would run the application, to recognize each object on the screen (input field name, password, and login button) and then enters their user name and password and press the button to login.

When using the approach Keyword Driven, the tester does not necessarily understand the scripting language to create such a test, just need to describe these events (launch application, enter the user name, password, press “enter”).As you can imagine, this approach to automation is much easier than writing scripts only.

Automation testing framework is a must interview questions for any testing interview.

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