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Automated Testing Interview Questions

Automated Testing Interview Questions and Answers

1.Explain automated testing.

For automated testing, tests are performed using software testing tools rather than a human tester. The main point is to find defects that are very challenging for human testers to find or time intensive. The use of automated testing can sometimes be more efficient and often reduce the amount of man-hours required for testing. Though some developer time is required to write the testing program.

2.What are some of the limitations of automated testing?

  • Difficulty in planning all scenarios
  • Mainly effective in testing GUI based applications
  • Not useful for test cases that require data setup prior to actual execution.
  • Highly dependent on GUI layout so when the interface changes the automated test script must also be modified

3. When is it most beneficial to use automated testing?

  • When the product is valuable enough to the company to justify it
  • When the product life cycle is long enough to justify it
  • When it improves the speed, coverage, and risk mitigation of the project
  • When implementation of automated testing is simple
  • When requirements are stable and changes are unlikely

4. Which components are the best candidates for automated testing?

  • Mission-critical components
  • Components that have failed and are likely to fail again
  • Self-contained components
  • Components that allow simple scripting
  • Components that require little maintenance

5. What are some techniques that can be used to improve automated testing?

  • Preparing checklist for making component changes
  • Utilize proper error handling
  • Verify test coverage
  • Clearly define requirements
  • Develop a proof of concept
  • Champion Product Testability
  • Design for sustainability
  • Plan for deployment

6. Which testing tool support interoperability?

WinRunner and QTP are testing tools that support interoperability.

7. What is table driven testing?

Table-driven testing is an automated testing methodology in which test cases are created and execute based on keywords or actions.  This is usually achieved in two stages: planning and implementation.  In the planning stage, the application requirements are analyzed, the test operations that need to be performed are planned, and tests are written based on the keywords.  In the implementation stage the test cases are executed based on the keywords.

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