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Business Analyst & Quality Analyst

Business Analyst Vs Quality Analyst

Everyday I receive one or 2 emails asking the same question, “what is the connection between a Business Analyst and  a Tester”?

Since I know many of this blog visitors are Job seekers in the domain of Testing / Quality Analyst, it is obvious that they have this very question drilling in their mind as they think they may need to face a Business Analyst in the organization.

And yes, you are partially right. If you are working for a software company for different clients, then most probably you may not get a chance to interact with business analyst often, instead only the team leads will participate in JAD sessions.

But where as you are working at clients place, then 80% of the time, you may get a chance to interact with a Business Analyst.

Because normally at clients place testers, developers and business analysts will sit at the same floor and may have daily status meetings/ defect meetings where you (tester) may need to discuss or defend about your defect against a developers question or argument. In this process a Business Analyst often acts as a mediator.


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