General Software Testing Interview Questions

General Software Testing Interview Questions :


Well, Here, I am going to give many general Software Testing Interview Questions, But I am not giving any answers, so I request, please answer below questions to help other Testers..

1) Briefly explain about your past experience as a Software Tester?

2) What are the roles and Responsibilities of a Tester / Quality Analyst?

3) What is the difference between Testing & Validation?

4) Explain regression Testing?

5) What is Stress Testing?

6) What is Benchmark Testing?

7) Explain Load Testing or Performance Testing?

8) What is smoke testing?

9) When to go for Manual Testing or When to go for Automated Testing?

10) What is Test Case?

11) What is Test Script?

12) What is Test Plan?

13) What are Functional Specifications and are important for Testers for their testing?

14) What are Technical specification documents and are they important for testers for their testing?


Please reply to the above questions in the below comments section.

3 thoughts on “General Software Testing Interview Questions

  1. nareddy

    What are the roles and Responsibilities of a Tester

    the role of a tester starts by understanding the srs . After that analyse the requirements and then prepare the test scripts, test cases and test data. After that executing the test cases on software under testing(SUT), finding the defects in SUT and forwarding them to the defect tracking team (DTT)and participating in the reviews

  2. nareddy

    What is the difference between Testing & Validation?

    Testing is nothing but verification & validation of a SUT

    Validation means applying Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Software Testing, Acceptence and release testing on SUT

  3. Rakesh G A

    Regression Testing?
    Testing is done to make sure that new code changes should not have effects on the existing functionality of the application.Normally we do regression testing to make sure that New functionality will not affect the Unchanged module(Existing module).
    i mean to say by Adding or Implementing new Feature,Existing functionality will not stop, to make sure new feature is integrated properly with existing feature we do Regression testing.


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