How to crack Testing Interview?

How to get my testing resume to be noticed by recruiters?

How to Crack the testing interview?

Well, I have been receiving many emails every day with a common question that even though they are applying for almost all jobs that they see in the job sites, they are hardly getting any response from the consultancies for these testing jobs.

And even if they get a call from vendors, I am not getting client call for interview.  And even if they get client call, they are not cracking the testing interviews.

Candidates who are emailing me are under frustration and some are even ready to change their technology.

Some important tips to get Testing job soon:

We all know that there is a heavy competition among testers if it is a manual testing especially. Because every other guy we meet are interested in starting a career as a tester because there is no coding or no hassles with hard core development. So here I am coming up with few techniques for all of you to follow in order to get interview call.

  • Dedicate at least 7 days for learning SQL Queries. You dont have to spend time on much complex queries or pl/sql stuff, just concentrate full 7 days on SQL queries such as inner join, outer join, primary, unique keys, constraints, how to delete duplicate records from a table, how to find Nth highest salary from a table etc.. Just google for sql queries you can find multiple websites where you can get these tutorials. And in the interview you should take a chance to tell them that you are well versed with SQl queries. Even though most of the time you do not get a chance to use sql queries in real time, but it is likely to help you for getting a job if you say you are good at SQl.
  • Along with Basic SQl, Dedicate 2nd week for learning BASIC UNIX commands.  Basic unix commands such as who, grep, ls etc.. If you tell the interviewer that you used unix commands in your previous job in order to do some file operations, they will be impressed.
  • Believe me, you will not get selected if you simply prepare your resume with just manual testing, and no other skills. You need to mention SQL, Unix, MS office, Operating systems etc..
  • One more important thing to remember is please read the job description clearly and see that every technical word from the job description to be included in your resume 1 or 2 times min. Because many recruiters, blindly search for the typical keywords in your resume using ctrl+f etc..
  • Make your resume in a unique style, so that it should grasp the attention of the recruiter as soon as they see your resume. Add some boarders, some decent colors(mostly blue), just give a unique touch.

5 thoughts on “How to crack Testing Interview?

  1. John Arrambide

    As a Director for global QA / Performance test center, I recommend the following to all IT Testers.
    1. Learn the fundamentals of design and implementation of automation for both performance and functional testing.

    2. Become an expert in MS-Excel pivot tables and charts. Finding defects is not enough anymore you have to present lots of information in simple to consume reports. The better you are at communicating information and concepts the more success you will have.

    3. Get your certification in testing. Testing is a IT discipline just as Project Management and Development, invest in yourself and get the certifications Test Professional and Test Management.

    4. Become a test expert in mobile technologies and security. The world is trending toward mobile applications and security.

  2. Parul

    Curerntly i am working as a developer cum tester but i want my career as full tester
    so please can you tell me what kind of questions to be asked to this kind of persons who have worked for developer also.

  3. chethan

    the information is very good i am greatful to you,basically i am from mechanical backround by gothrough this i changed my field and attending interviews,but pls write words on “ARCHITECTURE OF TESTING APPLICATIONS” pls


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