Manual And Automated Testing Interview Questions

Manual and Automated Testing

Interview Questions experienced.


What is in this site?

This Site is dedicated for the job seekers in Manual and Automated testing. We have many job interview questions and answers for various sections such as Manual testing, Automated testing, Database testing, Web testing, QTP, Loadrunner, Winrunner, SQL testing, Backend , functional etc.. Many documents and articles in this site are given by users, If you have a specific article to share with other users, please post the article from your experience or knowledge in testing in the knowledge-base section at the top of the website..

Pre-requisites for a Tester Job

Testing Types At a Glance:

Black Box Testing,

White Box Testing,

Web Testing, Functional Testing,

Load Testing,

Stress Testing,

Endurance Testing,

Regression Testing,

Database Testing,

Performance Testing,

Manual Testing,

Automated Testing,

Agile Testing,

Testing Life Cycle:  

Bug Life Cycle:  

Tools a Tester should be familiar with:

A tester needs to be familiar with these basic tools once you are in a job:

QTP, Loadrunner (basic knowledge), SQL, SQl developer tool or TOAD tool Version control tools (CVS sub version) or similar tools. Quality center , ZIRA, Ontime etc.. MS office, word, excel, power point, outlook express(for mails, most of the companies uses).

Be familiar with these below templates:

Functional specification templates/documents or Functional requirements specification templates Technical requirements specifications Tets case template, Test plan template Test strategy Testing methodologies Traceability matrix.

Other required things for a tester before going to a job:

Basic sql queries such as , inner join, outer join, left outer join, full join, where clauses , order by, having, insert, update, delete, modify  etc..

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