Software Developer Definition

A software is a driving force which is developed by a software developer for computers, PDAs, mobiles, tablets, iPods or any embedded devices to provide their respective services to various categories of the users. In the present times, a software is virtually inescapable from the innovative and modernised world. Everyone is using a software these days, either directly or indirectly. It is crucial to empathize the nature of software as it affects every prospect of our everyday lives.

A software developer is an individual pertained with the aspects of software development procedure. The procedure for the creation of a software is termed as software development life cycle in the field of software engineering which generally comprises of calculated stages for the creation of a software. Software engineering is a discipline in which the procedures, methodologies as well as tools are integrated for creation of a finally deliverable software product. Software are developed by the software developers in umpteen aspects of life. Under the umbrella of software development, enumerated software are developed and employed by the software developer:

  • Software for real-time – Software for monitors, analysers and controllers
  • Software for businesses – Software for payroll, maintenance of accounts etc
  • Software for Engineering as well as scientific purposes– Weather forecasting and volcano logy etc
  • Artificial Intelligence Software – used for pattern recognition, robotics etc
  • System Software – Hardware drivers, programs for operating systems etc
  • Software for web – To retrieve WebPages through browsers etc

The procedure of software development, through a software developer commences with assembling of the prerequisites which act as a foundation for the creation of software product. These perquisites are talked about between the software developer and his team,  and most importantly with the end customer for whom the software is being developed. The activity of assembling the requirements is carried out through brainstorming sessions or interviews, to roger the exact demands of the customer which are generally placed in papers referred to as software requirement specification document. After collecting the prerequisites, it is made sure that building the final package for the customer is feasible under given conditions as well as resources. If it is not feasible by the developer to take the development project, it is the duty of software developer to intimate the customer for the same. Sometimes, a prototype of the final product is also made on an ad-hoc basis in order to understand the feasibility of the project.

The software developer, then subsequently moves on to build the design which complies with the customer’s requirements. Designing of the package calls for penning down the architecture of the final product and the software developer tends to engineer all the minute as well as major details in the forms of diagrams like DFDs, ERDs etc.

Later on with the designing part, begins the development stage wherein, the actual skills of software developer play a vital role. The software developer builds the product expeditiously through his expertise. Whenever we see a software running smoothly, there’s a really big mind at the backend which helped it run with such an ease. Generally software development calls for the squad of developers who work in groups to create a small portion of the final product which is known as a module. After finishing the creation of individual module, each module thus developed by the squad of software developers is examined thoroughly to ensure that it does whatever it is intended to do. When each and every module is examined thoroughly, it is the time for software developer to merge and integrate these bits into a giant software which serves the full purpose of development.

Software developer makes sure that each module fits in perfectly with another and together, everything functions as it is supposed to. Sometimes, developing a huge product calls for a separate team of individuals who examine the functionality of thus created product on the whole, as well as on individual module. This squad for examination of the product for its functionality is referred to as software testers team. When the tester team is satisfied in the product to be delivered, the product is then handed over to the customer who reviews it and asks for any changes, if he needs them. The customer also measures the final software product from the view of its reliability. The reliability of a software package is measured by knowing how well the customer thinks he has been provided with the services he asked for. Even now, the duties of a software developer haven’t been completed.

The maintenance of the product, includes any changes asked by the customer later on and correcting the errors in the delivered product are rectified as much as possible by the team of  developers as well as testers. It is empathized that any cost of maintenance is borne by the customer itself.

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