What is Software Testing Life Cycle?

Software Testing Life Cycle Methodology

Please have a look at the life cycle of testing below.

There are typically 6 phases of Software Testing Life cycle.

  1. Test Planning,
  2. Test Analysis,
  3. Test Design,
  4. Construction and Verification,
  5. Testing Cycles,
  6. Final Testing and Implementation,
  7. Post Implementation.

Tets Planning: 

Test planning is one place the Project Manager will sit with other appropriate resources to discuss about the core functionalities to be tested (what to be and what not to be tested), and other resource allocation, budget issues etc..

A proper planning at this stage will reduce the risk of any major software disasters in terms of quality, functionality and performance.
The Important elements in this phase includes Scope, Approach, Resources, Scheduling.

Test Analysis:

Test Analysis digs deeper in to the documentation that we have done in test Plan phase. In this phase a more detailed approach is needed in terms of what kind of testing we need to do such as manual testing will solve the purpose? or do we need an automated testing to be done for this product? If Automated is required then how long should it take? and do we need performance testing? if yes, with how many V-users?

A through JAD sessiones / Meetings are required beween Project Managers, Developers, Business Analyst and other appropriate resources in order to understand clearly what and how the testing pahse has to be completed.

test cases are developed in this phase along with functional specification matrix on business requirements to check if all the functionalities are covered.

Test Design:

In this phase a revision of the above phase ‘Test Analysis’ is done. All the Functional documents are validated here. Risk assessmenet is also analyzed. If we are going for automated testing then the test cases are to be seperated for this and scripts ahve to be generated. Other things such as creating test data, standards, pass/fail criteria are to be developed here.




software testing life cycle

software testing life cycle

If you have any questions in relate to the software testing life cycle explanation above, please respond in the comments section.

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