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Software testing online training

Complete TestingTools Online Training course by 10 years real time expert.

TESTING TOOLS Online Training Course at very affordable price with real time scenarios.


First of all congratulations for choosing TESTING TOOLS as your career option.

TESTING TOOLS is one of the most easiest job for a fresher to IT industry.

And above all TESTING TOOLS is very easy to learn and fun to learn, you do not need coding skills, but just a little logic, Basic SQL queries (includes in the course) and familiarity with the tools.

Why me as your tutor?

There are many advertisements for TESTING TOOLS training program and you will be definitely confused which one to opt. Here are few of many points why you should choose me.

  • I will make you to love the subject you are learning. This is the most important thing that most of the tutors will miss.
  • Complete installation guide of TESTING TOOLS and Oracle in your computer. And will login to your computer and help if you are not able to install.
  • I have a real time IT experience of 11 years. Initially started my career as a Java developer, Performance engineer and eventually moved to TESTING TOOLS. So I have complete understanding of IT scenarios in USA so, if you are looking for a job in USA then definitely I will teach you not only subject but how to talk to client, how to discuss in meetings, how to send emails in the office, what are your main steps to be taken care when you first join the job? Etc… these will help you build confidence and saves you from doing silly mistakes.
  • I will mostly concentrate on real time issues rather than simply teaching you the TESTING TOOLS course. This will help you when you join the job and while attending interviews.
  • I will give you all possible interview questions with answers and take a preliminary interview to build your confidence. I will also give you a video of my own recorded session of a real Testing Tools interview. This will help you how to answer in the interview.
  • I will give you TESTING TOOLS job support if you get any issues in the real time.
  • Will give you complete TESTING TOOLS material for your reference which nobody will have in general.
  • You can cancel the course with in first 2 classes. i.e you will only pay before the 3rd class.
  • I will explain you the real time requirements in TESTING TOOLS at clients place so it will be easy for you after joining the first job.
  • Last but not least, teaching TESTING TOOLS is my passion, I do not run a professional training institute that teaches all the courses. I will only teach TESTING TOOLS and nothing else.
  • Trust me, you are going to learn at a very reasonable price as this is only my part time job.

Course details:

  • Interlocution of Quality Analysis, Manual Testing concepts, role of a tester in the life cycle.
  • Minimum SQL knowledge you should have work in real time. Will teach you essential SQL queries also.
  • Manual Testing complete course.
  • Writing test cases.
  • Test case templates examples of real time.
  • Functional specifications real time sample documents.
  • Technical specifications real time examples.
  • Understanding requirements gathering.
  • Attending meetings, JAD sessions, and making notes.
  • Web testing essentials.
  • Regression testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Unit testing
  • UAT – user acceptance testing
  • Automated Testing Introduction.
  • Performance testing Introduction
  • Loadrunner tool familiarity.
  • Quality center tool
  • QTP tool.
  • Interview questions and answers.
  • Resume preparation.

Any Questions?

Call me to discuss and schedule for a demo class.

Gandhi Babu . G

[email protected]

ph:  (315) 215-0016

I am 100% sure that after the TESTING TOOLS online training course, you will be 100% satisfied.

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