Test case template elements

What are the elements in a typical test case template?

Test Case Template

1      Introduction

1.1         Purpose

This section should provide the purpose of the document and should be adapted to fit the particular needs of the project.

2      Test Case Specification

The subsections of this area will describe the test case that the tester(s) will perform.

2.1         Test Case Description

This subsection should be used to provide a detailed description of the test case and specify the individuals that will be involved in testing. Diagrams that depict the interaction between individuals and the elements being tested can be placed in this area if they are available.

2.2         Required Resources

This subsection should describe the hardware, software, and personnel that will be involved in the testing.  Testing responsibilities should be assigned to individuals named in this area.

2.3         Conditions

This subsection should describe the preconditions and post conditions thast should exist for performing the test case. A precondition indicates the state of the application/system before the test case is performed and a post condition is the possible state(s) that the application/system can be in following the performance of the test case.

2.4         Test Flow

This subsection should be used to describe the flow of events that make up the test case under normal conditions.  Alternate event flow as well as potential errors and exceptions should also be included in this area. If this test case is to be performed in conjunction with other test cases, they should be listed here as well.

2.5         Expected Results

This section should indicate the expected results of the test case.  This includes specifics about any changes in the interface, messages, etc.

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