Testing tools career and its future

Testing tools future:


Well, Before discussing how the career will be for Testing tools in future, please ask yourself the below questions..

Please answers Yes or No and remember how many ‘Yes’ or how many ‘No’ in total.

1) I want to take testing tools as my career because It is easy.

2) I like it because my friends are well settled in testing tools.

3) I like to take Testing tools because I don’t like coding or programming.

4) I like testing tools because after coming from office, I do not want to think much about my office work at home.

5) I like testing tools cause, I don’t have to think too much logical.

6) I know my career growth may not be as good as programmers.

7) I like it because, quality / testing of applications will be for ever as long as there is development. So, the future will be always bright.

Except for the question 2, all other answers must be ‘Yes’.

that is if u get 6 ‘Yes’, then testing tools as your career.

Testing tools as career in brief:

So in a nutshell, if you choose testing tools as your career, it is not a bad thing, as it will exist in the industry as long as there is development and as long as there is computer usage. But the big question is, whether you want to settle as manual tester or automated tester??

It depends upon your interest again. Obviously, if you learn SQL, and get good command, then you will get plenty of jobs a s database/ back end testers.

If you don’t like programming at all then manual testing is your cup of tea.

But if you are ready to take little challenge then you can choose Loadrunner / performance testing or QTP (functional testing).

Please comment your suggestion below.

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