Tips for getting Manual Tester jobs

I am getting so any mails from our users asking me how to get Manual testing / manual quality analyst

jobs easily as there is lot of competition for those easy jobs.
Here are few tips I would like to share from my own experience.

1) In the resume, never keep your role as only “Manual tester”. Instead, keep Manual/Automated

tester. And then in the description or bullet points, give more focus on manual testing strategies

while including the automation tools you have used little bit such as QTP & Loadrunner.

2) Though it is a manual testing job, keep Quality center (old version is Test director) experience

in almost every project. Because for any project role, manual or automated, quality center or any

other defect tracking tool is a must. And it is very easy to learn. No coding required..

3)  Somewhere in the project roles and responsibilities, please mention / highlight that you have

experience in writing SQL queries and Unix commands.

4) Under your roles and responsibilities, the first point should be
” Participated actively in requirement gathering sessions / ZAD sessions and made proposed test

strategy, test cases for the application.”

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