Useful CCNA networ interview questions

26) What is the process of the configuration of the Cisco router to route IPX?

First of all, IPX routing needs to be enabled through the use of a certain command. Once this is done, all the interfaces need to be configured. The configuration needs to be performed by using a network number and through the encapsulation technique.

27) How many IPX access lists are there?

There are 2 IPX access lists. The first one is Standard List, which can access and filter the network using the IP addresses of the sender and receiver destinations. The second type is the Extended Access List. It has functions much more than the former list. It can use the IP addresses as well as ports, sockets and other methods when carrying out the filtration of a network.

28) What are the advantages of VLANs?

VLANs have several benefit, but the most major one is the fact that domain names can be created by linking them to certain properties apart from physical locations. It becomes possible to use various means in order to establish networks. For example, protocol, functions and hardware can be used in network development by using VLANs. This is a major benefit, since it eliminates the typical need of connecting a certain domain to a geographical location.

Useful CCNA networ interview questions

Useful CCNA networ interview questions

29) Explain sub-netting.

Often, there is a need to create small networks using a large network. This extraction process is known as subnetting. The smaller networks that are created are known as subnets. Each of these has its own individual parameters and certain other properties that are the identifying factors.

30) What are the benefits of using a layered model?

There are several benefits that a layered model has to offer. For one, it enhances convenience when there is a need to make a change in one minor part of an application. Through a layered model, a single layer can be changed without having to alter the rest of the layers. Also, such a model encourages the idea of specializations, which obviously is more productive and, thus, more beneficial for the networking industry. Another major advantage of using a layered model is the fact that it is easier to monitor problems. These problems can not only be located easily but can also be catered to efficiently.

31) Why is TCP preferred rather than UDP?

While individual preferences vary, UDP is usually considered unreliable. It does not have the ability to effectively create and manage circuits. It is also considered feeble in establishing acknowledgements.

32) What are popular standards supported by Presentation layer?

Presentation layer supports s number of standards, the purpose of which is to make sure that the presentation of the data is correct. Some of the popular standards include MPEG, JPEG, PICT and QuickTime.

33) How can you remotely configure a router using a simple way?

When remote configuration is needed, the simplest way to go on about the process is to use Cisco’s AutoInstall. In order to be use this, however, you must make sure that one of the interfaces is connected to the LAN or WAN.

34) What is displayed by the show protocol?

A number of items are displayed. For one, the display includes protocols that have been routed. Secondly, the respective addresses of interfaces are displayed. Another item is the encapsulation method that is used on each face’s configuration.

35) How is depiction done in an IP address?

There are three ways to depict in an IP address. For one, Binary can be used. Another method is to use Hexadecimal. Thirdly, Dotted-decimal method can be used.

36) How do you access Privileged Mode? Once this is done, how do you switch back?

To upgrade to Privileged Mode, the ‘enter’ command needs to be entered when you are prompted. To switch back to User Mode, you simply need to deliver the ‘disable’ command.

Useful CCNA networ interview questions

Useful CCNA networ interview questions

37) Define HDLC.

HDLC stands for High Level Data Link Control protocol. Among all encapsulation methods, this is the default one that operates in the routers.

38) What is the method of creating internetworks?

Usual networks can be connected through routers. When this is done, internetworks are created automatically. Technically, an address is given to every network that is connected to another using a router.

39) What is the role of Hold-downs?

Hold-downs are used in the prevention of restoring download links. Since update messages may reinstate these links, Hold-downs automatically filters update messages and removes the links from them. The Hold-down timer is reset every time an update is triggered.

Useful CCNA networ interview questions

Useful CCNA networ interview questions

40) Why does an update reset the hold-down timer?

The hold-down timer is reset when it has expired. It may also be reset it the network receives a task that similar to the download links in the internetworks.

41) What are the benefits of LAN switching?

A major benefit of LAN switching is that it adapts to the media rate. Also, it allows easy and convenient migration. LAN switching also enables the sending and receipt data easily and efficiently.

42) How are valid hosts found in a subnet?

For doing this, the equation ‘256 – subnet mask’ can be used. It will find valid hosts between the subnets of the parent network.

43) Define DLCI.

Data Link Connection Identifiers, as the name suggests, are used to recognize individual circuits on a certain network. These are usually allocated by a service provider to carry out the identification process.

44) What are the conversion steps involved in data encapsulation?

Known as it is, large amounts of data need to be segmented. Once the segments are created, they are forwarded to other layers in a layered modeled and are grouped as packets. Once these packets are created, they are further converted into data frames, which are then changed into bits

45) What are types of passwords that can be used when securing a CISCO router?

There are a number of types of passwords that are usable. These are Console, Enable Secret, Virtual terminal Auxiliary and Enable.

46) What is included in a CISCO router’s identifying information?

The information includes a hostname, which is the router’s name. It also includes interfaces, which pass on to the ports.

47) What is the difference in Logical Topology and Physical Topology?

Physical Topology is the practical layout of a certain medium of a network. Logical Topology, on the other hand, is merely the signal path that is used in the physical layout of the network.

Logical Topology refers to the signal path through the physical topology. Physical Topology is the actual layout of the network medium.

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