Winrunner real time Interview questions

Many people are asking me to post Winrunner Interview questions and answers. I have received these real time interview questions from one of the visitor of my website. So I thought it may be helpful to all job seekers if I post it here.

Q. What databases can Test Director reside on?

Oracle, Access, Sybase, MsSQL

Q. What is TSL?  What other language is it similar too? And in what way is it similar to it?

A. Test Script Language

B.      C

C.      It combines functions with features such as variables, control-flow statements, arrays, and user defined functions.


Q. Difference between WinRunner and Test Director?

WinRunner handles automation test scripts

TestDirector manages test scripts, defects and test plan


Q. Name 3 approaches to provide data from an external source for a data driven test.

A.      CSV

B.      Data Table

C.      Database


Q. What function is used to call your customized compiled module?

Load or Reload function


Q. What’s the purpose of the wrun.ini file?

Configuration set up for WinRunner


Q. Explain the project tree in Test Director?

Used to coordinate and manage test cases


Q. Explain data parameterization in WinRunner.

Data is written multiple times, while WinRunner has a repeated loop to process the data.


Q. Name a couple of standard web function found in the function generator? And explain their purpose.


web_obj_get_text – returns a string from an object

web_file_browse – clicks a browse button

web_link_valid – checks whether a URL name if a link is valid (not broken)

web_obj_get_info – returns the value of an object property


Q.  What is the WinRunner utility that gives the user easy access to built in Web and TSL functions?

Function Generator




**First you have to find out if they are familiar with data driven scripts, if so -


Q.  What are the initial and end conditions that are necessary when setting up a new script with data driven data?

ddt_open and ddt_close.  These two statements MUST be in data driven test in order for it to run properly, otherwise the data tables will not open and close.



Q. What information do you need to get during Planning to aid you in creating an automated test?

Testing Requirements; Business Requirements; Software Requirements; User actions and expected results; Data to use


Q.  Describe the ‘ideal’ test to be automated.

Of the various features of tests, she or he should be able to list the parameters which make a test a good (or bad) candidate to be automated.

A.      data driveable

B.      useful across multiple builds

C.      run frequently

D.      amount of human interpretation

E.      Cross browser testing


Q. Why do you automate tests?

If they say to save money, say thanks and good bye.  We automate tests to produce better software, speed, repeatablity, reliability and reusability.


Q. What is the GUI map used for?

Serves as a translator between the scripts and the browser


Q. How are object identified in the GUI map?

By the object’s description and the parent frame of the object.


Q. What is the basic structure of a User defined function?

[class] function name([mode]parameter..)







There are a some important concepts with WinRunner but these change depending on what application that you are testing.


Advanced Topics.

1. GUI Maps and GUI Map Configuration.

2. Data Driven Tests.

3. GUI Checkpoints.

4. Creating User defined functions.

5. Compiled Modules.

6. Customizing WinRunner with libraries.

7. Implementing DLL’s with WinRunner.