Manual vs Automatd Testing

Difference Between Manual Testing and Automated Testing

Manual Testing:

Manual testing technique is the one in which software is tested manually by an engineer. The testing engineer step by step carries out all the test cases and executes on application manually. It is a checking process in which indicates whether a particular step was performed accurately or whether it failed, performs manual testing. With manual testing tester only needs test case and knowledge of how to perform that test case. With the completion of test, it gives the opportunity to engineer to create and manage manual tests while testing his application. After adding manual testing system to the project an engineer can create a collection of steps which he can perform while testing an application with the description of each step with a detail. Manual testing is usually useful in the starting phase of software development when software and its user interface is not complete or stable.


  • It can be used for both small and large projects.
  • Test cases can easily be added or subtracted.
  • Manual testing is very economical.
  • Those who are new to manual testing will get to know about it with less time.
  • Reliability factor is very high in manual testing.

Automated Testing:

It is the technique is which test engineer runs a script on any specific tool for testing. Unlike manual testing method automated testing is not easy if you are a new test engineer, to test a software using an automated testing engineer should have well been programming knowledge so that they can write a good script against their test case. In this method of testing test script is very important because a single error might cause to fail the whole script GUI. object of the screen is the key information while writing a test script so that at the time of  the script execution frame should have some.


  • Within very fewer time periods one can run many test cases.
  • In case of repeated testing automated test is best.
  • It can be performed simultaneously on different operating systems.
  • It is easy for volume testing.

Manual testing vs Automated testingContrast:

  • Manual testing is an easy process as compared to automated testing.
  • Automated testing is fewer time takings as compared to manual testing.
  • Manual testing is possible up to certain level but automated testing is possible at every level.
  • Automated testing is more expensive as compared to manual testing.
  • Manual testing is used for small projects where-as automated testing is used for long term projects.
  • Manual testing is based on functions and concept of the project but the support of automated testing is limited to few languages.
  • Manual Testing requires complex Manual Setup and tears down, whereas Automated Tests can have been varying scopes and require fewer complex setups and teardown.
  • Manual Testing has a high risk of missing out on something, whereas Automated Tests have zero risks of missing out a pre-decided test.
  • Manual Tests do not provide a safety-net, whereas Automated Tests provide a safety-net for refactoring / additions.

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