Deliverables in testing

Deliverables are items that are provide in order to fulfill a contract or a task.  In a software development project, there may be several different types of deliverables for every phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC).  I the testing phase, some are delivered before a phase begins while other test deliverables are provided later in the testing process. While the required test deliverables vary from organization to organization, the test plan, test cases, defect documents, and status reports are considered to be the core test deliverables for most organizations.  This is because they cover the spectrum of testing from planning to execution to status reporting.  The following list contains some of the other commonly required test deliverables:

  • Test Trace-ability Matrix
  • Testing Strategy
  • Test Scenarios (for non-functional testing)
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Data
  • Test Results
  • Test Summary Report
  • Release Notes
  • Tested Build

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