Simple example of a Test case

Many testers one of the daily job is writing a test case. And yes, you have different scenarios and different domains and different functionality for which you need to write test cases.

Here I am trying to give a simple scenario and how to write a test case for this.

First of all I will write possible test cases for using a ATM machine.

  • ATM machine accepts the ATM card
  • Machine Rejects the ATM for some reason such as expired card.
  • Enter the correct PIN number
  • Operation failed because you entered the wrong pin for 3 times.
  • Select the proper language
  • Select your account category(credit/debit).
  • operation failed because of wrong account type.
  • Select amount to be selected.
  • Withdraw the amount.
  • A message pop up that you exceeded the daily withdrawl limit.
  • With draw amount success.
  • operation failed because there is no money in ATM.

These are all the possible test cases for drawing money from an ATM machine.

IN the next article I will write how to write each test case from the above indetail.