Testing jobs in future

There are many users who are asking me what is the future of testing tools? what is the future of testers and testing jobs in India and other countries.

Well the honest answer for this is, there is no end for testing jobs. And the demand really increases as the time goes and more and more projects are coming up.

The need of automated testing especially using QTp and Loadrunner is every increasing along with Quality center.

For manual testers the demand is still there as some applications automation won’t help.

But the thing is, you need to prepare everyday a new topic in testing and related tools then only you will survive in the market.

Such as along with manual testing, update your skills in qtp, loadrunner (performance testing), quality center, rational robot tools, microsoft office tools, ms visio etc.

Because as long as you are getting updated with  new related tools, the management won’t leave you and chances are there to keep you for long term basis.