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Manual testing vs Automated testing Vs Performance testing

I often get queries from my readers for choosing their career. Whether they want to go for manual testing, automated testing or performance testing.

Well, here is my explanation.

Manual testing

If you hate little or more coding, and if you do not like to use your brain much, and if you hate using many tools, then go for manual testing.

It is because, you just need to prepare test cases,  and you need to gather requirements from business users, and see that all the test cases are working as desired. You just need to access the application to check if it is working functionally good or not. and send the final report to your boss. Of course, you must know quality center or any other bug reporting tool. You can not escape from this tool. even if you r a manual tester. Manual testers need to have great patience because they do not use their brains much.

Automated testing

Here automated testing means usage of QTP and Loadrunner and Quality center.

Functional tester means, you need to be good at QTP tool. Since qtp is written using vb script, you must be good at vb script in order to work as a functional tester. But QTP testers or functional testers normally get good amount of time to test their application. So most of time they do not need to work under pressure just like manual testers.

Performance tester:

Performance tester needs to be good at understanding c++ coding. It is because loadrunner tool is written using c++. So, many scripts in the project are written using c++ and you must change some times or many times depending upon the requirement.

SO, final word is, if you hate programming, then choose manual testing. If you like little programming then choose any of the the tools qtp or loadrunner.

But I personally prefer Loadrunner, because it is challenging compare to QTP. Why?? the reason is simple. Why performance testers are needed?? when the application is completed, and then performance testers need to test the application to check if its performance is fine at high loads..

So, normally the time given to performance testers is very less compare to manual or functional testers.

So, performance testers need to work under high pressure with little time frames..

All the best guys.

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