Things to remember as a Quality Analyst

10 Things to remember as a Quality Analyst

While there are many important things that you need to remember while working as a Quality Analyst (testing tools), There are 10 most important things to consider.

1) Try to see the application from a user perspective. i.e think you are the one who is going to use this application for next 10 years from now. So as a user what best you can expect from this new application in terms of  cosmetic, functional, performance etc..

2) Try to enter all invalid data in the fields where ever a user needs to enter certain values. For example, in the date of borth field, try to enter some text , or try to enter Feb 30 etc..

3) Imagine you are a kid and you are playing with that application with no computer knowledge or minimum computer knowledge.  i.e click back and forth, enter some fields and leave some fields blank and click submit etc..

4) Log defect (if you find in your testing), with clear explanation and if possible always with a screen shot as a proof of your work and this helps developers also to resolve it fast.

5) In the test meetings with your managers, developers, business users, always try to speak to point out some issues from the application. Always mention, “I think from user point of view, if this functionality may be more useful with the following changes”.  Business users likes a tester thinking from business point of view.

6) Always go through the functional and technical specification documents before you start the System testing or UAT. This gives you a clear idea of the application you are going to test.

7) Write the test cases and test scripts to cover all scenarios and both positive and negative scenarios.

8) If your requirements document has 100 requirements, your test case document must have min 100 and maximum any number. i.e for each requirement at least write one test case with multiple test scripts.

9) Always maintain good relation with your developers and business users.  developers mostly hate testers for creating so many bugs from their application.

10)   Last but not least, love your job.

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