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My recent testing interview questions with wal-mart client.

Hi friends, recently I have attended interview for wal-mart client and below are the few of many interview questions and how I answered them. Please comment your experiences , questions and answers to know more similar questions..

1) Can you explain about your experience in the recent project?

Ans: Well, in the recent project I have worked as a Quality Analyst which includes both manual testing functionalities and as well as business analyst responsibilities.

As for as Business Analyst roles, I have participated in ZAD sessions in order to gather the business requirements fro end users. From the requirements gathering meetings,  I used to collect the requirements and business needs from the stake holders and use them to prepare functional specifications and give the to developers.

Then as a Quality Analyst, I used to prepare test cases from the same requirements that I have collected, and write all the possible test cases and put them in the test case template. The test case template has some standard fields such as :

“Testcase no”,
“Testcase description”
“input values or test data”
“expected results”
“actual results”.

Once I get approval from my team leader for the testcases I have written, I used to start working on functional testing.

Most of the time test data is created by the developers so I used to do functional testing manually by following the test cases that were written. If test data is not there in some situaltions, then I used to create test data and then work on the testcases.
Since my recent project was in healthcare industry, I got an opportunity to work on different modules such as claims, membership and enrollment. In the recent project I worked on FACETS 4.5 application in claims and member enrollment modules. I prepared any test cases to determine if the claims are processed as desired. If any claims are failed then I used to report the incident in defect tracking tool, in our case it is quality center 9.0.
I used to create the defect and assign them to development team. Once they are fixed, I used to re test and if it is working perfectly, then used to close the defect ticket that I have created.

In the member enrollment module also, I used to create some test data by creating memebrs and assigning them to some groups in the FACETS application.
This data I used to work on differen test cases which I have written in testcase template.

2) Which environment you have worked in your recent project?
Ans: The environment I have worked is quite big as the client used to have many legasy systems as well. But to be precise, the mian environment I worked consists of databases Oracle, DB2, operating systems both unix for server side tools, and windows for client side tools. And for testing related I worked in the environment of Quality center, QTP, Loadrunner, Subversion (which is a version control tool).

3) What are the typical components of a testcase document?
Ans: Testcase document have testcase no, testcase description, test data or input data, expected results, actual results, pass/fail, comments..

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