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What is a Test Script

Test Scripts Examples/ Test Script definition

A test script is basically the instructions that make up a test program to test that the system/software functions as expected. It indicates the actions that should be taken as well as the pass/fail criteria. The term test script is more commonly used to in reference to the test instructions that are utilized with an automated test tool.  However, this can also refer to instructions used during manual testing. Test scripts and be data-driven (parameterized programs) or keyword-driven or table-driven (reusable steps in a table format).

For manual testing, a test script is more commonly referred to as test cases. Here, the test script is usually in the form of a document that is developed in conjunction with the functional specification.  This document provides a checklist for testing the system/software and it outlines the tasks that the system is supposed to be able to perform as well as the people who can perform those tasks.

For automated testing, test scripts are usually short programs that are written using an automated functional graphical user interface test tool such as HP QuickTest Professional, Rational Robot, or Borland SilkTest or in a text based programming language such as C++, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

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