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Post your Testing Resume or Interview info


Dear Job seekers, congratulations for those who got selected in the recently conducted interviews by the clients.

From now onwards, this page is for the enthusiastic authors in you. Many people are sending mails that they want to share their testing knowledge with other users. With regards to that we made this page to post / share your knowledge with others.

You canpost any testing/job related article or interview questions with answers that you have faced recently etc..

To the matter of fact  you can post anything you think may be useful to fellow job seekers such as feed back of interview, interview experience.. If the article is your own/unique then we will approve it to be published otherwise, we simply delete it. Do not simply copy and paste from other websites..  At the end of the article, if you wish you can write your email address.. so that people can directly email you to say thanks or discuss further with you.. We are strictly not responsible for any miss usage of the email ids or other contact details you may provide.


Post title: Write the title of the article (eg: how to write testcases?”). or “Wipro interview questions and answers” etc..


In the post content: Write your article. No external links are entertained.

qtp and manual testing sample resumes

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